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Global SLI has continued the social work of its founder, Mr. Samuel Liberman, by collaborating on various social projects that support human development, social progress, and education.

Over the years, we have supported:

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Contribution to scientific development through Gracilarias de Panama

The Liberman family invested for nearly two decades in the operation of Gracilarias, promoting scientific research with algae in the laboratory and protecting the mangrove and coral reef ecosystems of the Panamanian Caribbean. Since 2022, Global SLI has been supporting specific projects of Gracilarias.

The most innovative and recent project has been the publication of the “Atlas of Macroalgae of the Panamanian Caribbean, their Autofluorescence, and Uses.” 

Grandes Sueños Foundation

The Grandes Sueños Foundation is a social responsibility program of the Liberman family.

Grandes Sueños runs a comprehensive program that addresses the emotional, social, academic, and health dimensions of a population of adolescent girls aged 10 to 19, from the community of Cativá in the province of Colón, Panama.

The objective of the foundation’s program is to reduce the social risk factors that lead to early pregnancy and school dropout.

The girls participating in each Grandes Sueños project live in conditions of social and educational vulnerability.

The specialized staff provides them with emotional and academic tools to develop and strengthen their self-esteem, encouraging them to believe that it is possible to dream of a sustainable and quality life, different from the one they know.

As a complement to the projects for the girls, the foundation offers training to the parents through specific projects to support entrepreneurial spirit and self-improvement within the family.