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Kenya is the third largest producer of flowers in the world. Our farms are located in the Lake Naivasha area. FleurAfrica (Rainforest Farmlands Kenya Ltd) is a farm dedicated to growing roses. Bohemian Flowers Ltd. (the legendary Oserian Flowers farm), in addition to roses, grows other flower varieties for bouquet arrangements. Both farms adhere to strict environmental respect and social responsibility practices.

The European Union and the United Kingdom are the main markets for Kenyan flowers. FleurAfrica and Bohemian have most of their clients there. However, they also export their flowers to Australia, the United States, Japan, and the Middle East.

The fuel storage terminal PetroAmérica Terminal S.A. (PATSA) is strategically located at the Vasco Núñez de Balboa Port (former Rodman naval base) and plays a significant role in the region, facilitating both national and international supply of refined products.

PSA Panamá International Terminal S.A. is the port operator of the container terminal at the former Rodman naval base, at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. It began operations in 2010 and has supported the development of Panama’s logistics hub through investment and expansion of its facilities.

Astilleros Puerto de Balboa S.A., located at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, provides maintenance and repair services to the vessels transiting the area.

Campo Las Cabras S.A. specializes in diversified agricultural production in Panama, serving the domestic market. The farm is located in the Pesé area, Herrera province.

Currently, Persian lime, mango, banana, Alicia grass, and forage are cultivated.

American Racing Channel S.A. (ARC) offers simultaneous broadcasting (simulcasting) of horse races from South American racetracks to the United States, Europe, and Australia.

ARC’s track record demonstrates its commitment to the development and global integration of the horse racing industry.

Rodman Real Estate S.A. owns approximately 16 hectares of land available for the development of projects with a logistical, commercial, or residential focus. The plots are located along the Pan-American Highway in the area of the PATSA fuel storage terminal and the PSA Panama container port.