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Global SLI was born from the business journey of its founder, Samuel Liberman. Since the late 1990s, Guillermo Liberman has led Global SLI with the entrepreneurial spirit inherited from his father.

Our History

Representation of Orient and Seiko for Latin America
In the late 1960s, the group obtained the representation of the Orient and Seiko watch brands for Latin America and established a distribution center in the Colón Free Zone in Panama.
Video Cable Comunicación in Argentina
In the 1980s, the company ventured into the telecommunications industry and founded Video Cable Comunicación (VCC). VCC was one of the first cable television systems in Argentina and Latin America. In 1997, VCC was jointly acquired by the Multicanal group and Citicorp Equity Investment (CEI).
Sierras de Mazán in Argentina
In the early 1990s, the group ventured into the agribusiness industry and founded Sierras de Mazán in La Rioja, Argentina. This company was dedicated to the cultivation and sale of olives and the production of olive oil. In 2012, this enterprise was sold to an economic group in the sector.
Partnership with Hyatt Corporation in Argentina and Brazil
In the late 1990s, in partnership with Hyatt Corporation, two exclusive hotels were developed in South America: Park Hyatt Mendoza Hotel, Casino & Spa in Argentina and Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo in Brazil. Park Hyatt Mendoza was sold in 2018 and Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo in 2021.
2000 and beyond
Concession of the Maroñas National Racetrack in Uruguay
In 2002, through Hípica Rioplatense Uruguay S.A. (HRU), the group obtained the concession for the Maroñas National Racetrack in Uruguay, and in 2012, the Las Piedras Racetrack, also in Uruguay. In 2016, Global SLI sold its stake in HRU to its partner, the Codere group.
Expansion into simulcasting from South America
In 2006, along with partners from the horse racing industry, they ventured into the world of simulcasting of thoroughbred horse races with the American Racing Channel, sending content from South American racetracks to the United States, England, France, and Australia. This pioneering business has fostered the integration of the horse racing industry in the Americas with Europe and Asia.
FleurAfrica in Kenia
In 2013, they began investing in Kenya in rose cultivation for export with the establishment of FleurAfrica in Naivasha. This investment, made alongside industry partners, has grown through both organic development and acquisitions.
Concession of the Balboa Port Shipyard in Panama
In 2021, in partnership with the group that owns the Spanish shipyard Astican and Astander, they established the company Astibal (Astilleros Puerto de Balboa, S.A.) and obtained the concession for the management and operation of the century-old Balboa shipyard at the entrance of the Panama Canal on the Pacific Ocean.
Late 2021
Floramerica in Colombia
In the 1970s, the company Floramerica was acquired from a banking institution. Floramerica then expanded its operations and became dedicated to the production, distribution, and commercialization of fresh flowers, with plantations in Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico, and distribution centers in the United States, the Netherlands, and Japan. Floramerica became the largest producer of fresh flowers in the world. In 1998, Floramerica was acquired by the Dole Food Company of the United States.
Salmoamerica in Chile
In 1988, Salmoamerica was founded, a company dedicated to the farming and processing of salmon in Chile. In 1999, Salmoamerica was acquired by the Norwegian group Fjord Seafood.
TV Cable in Uruguay
In the mid-1990s, in partnership with other experienced companies in the Uruguayan television sector, they created Punta Cable, a cable television platform that provides services in several cities in the country.
Late 1990s
Real estate investments in Argentina, Uruguay and Panama
In the early 2000s, the group invested in the real estate sector by constructing office buildings in Argentina and developing residential and commercial subdivisions in Uruguay and Argentina. In 2017, the group decided to re-enter the real estate sector with the acquisition and development of an office building in the Santa María business and commercial district in Panama City.
Former Rodman Naval Base in Panama
Since 2000, along with strategic partners, the group has been promoting the development of the logistics sector in Panama, a key sector for the country's economy, through new investments and job creation via PATSA and PSA Panama Terminal. In 2002, the company Alireza Mobil Terminals, S.A. (Alireza), concessionaire of the former Rodman Naval Base at the entrance of the Panama Canal in the Pacific Ocean, was acquired. The concession began to be managed through the company Parque Industrial Marítimo de Panamá, S.A. (PIMPSA). The fuel storage activity was also strengthened with the management of Petroamérica Terminal S.A. (PATSA). In 2017, VTTI became a partner and took over the operation of PATSA. In 2010, PSA Panama Terminal opened its doors, and the group consolidated its partnership with the port operator PSA from Singapore.
Kentucky Downs Racetrack in the United States
In 2007, they decided to participate in the investment in Kentucky Downs Racetrack, the only European-style racetrack in the United States. In 2019, all shareholders sold their stakes to another company owned by American horse racing entrepreneurs.
Campo Las Cabras in Panamá
In 2020, with Campo Las Cabras, we ventured into diversified agricultural production in Panama, targeting the domestic market. The farm is located in the Pesé area, Herrera province, Panama. Currently, Persian lime, mango, banana, Alicia grass, and forage are cultivated.
Acquisition of Oserian Flowers in Kenya
At the end of 2021, in Kenya, with partners from FleurAfrica and a local group with extensive experience in floriculture and horticulture, the acquisition of the legendary flower farm Oserian Flowers in the Naivasha Lake region was finalized. The farm now operates under the name Bohemian Flowers.